Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Website Provides Helpful Advice on Health and Nutrition

Suffolk, VA (OPENPRESS) June 8, 2007 -- Harry Monell has devoted a great deal of time to personal health and fitness, as well as, keeping up with the latest news surrounding the food and vitamin industry worldwide. As the issues and details focusing on the recent pet food recall started unfolding, he was struck with the realization that the general public is typically uninformed regarding many important issues affecting not only the pet industry, but food safety and nutrition in general, as outsourcing to overseas manufacturing steadily increases. "There are many websites that specialize in a particular aspect of health, nutrition and even fitness, such as organics, natural vitamins, health issues, etc. but few that cover the entire range of topics, as well as, the latest health and nutrition related news headlines," says Monell.


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